Our Corgi, Starbuck, turned 4 months today. Ears like a rabbit


I’m in this weird stage where I don’t really like myself, but I don’t really care anymore

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Anonymous moaned,
❝do you have a boyfriend?❞


I have a headache





when lee turns 18 angela and i are gonna make u our 3rd roommate i feel it

ok listen lee is cool but have u met ME?

we are not sharing a house with someone who goes after both of our mans sorry should have stayed in cruise control to prevent swerving!!!!!!!!!!!!

[also exists]


Men’s Luxury Loungewear
You’ve probably seen them already: stylish gents wearing loungewear pieces and actually looking amazing in them. It’s a trend that quickly picked up over summer, and is only getting more popular for fall and seasons to come. Don’t try to get in on the action just by wearing your pajamas out of the house though. Read more about how to wear loungewear in different stylish ways in the full luxury loungewear trend report, and see some of the key trend pieces below.
1. Scotch & Sods Slub Henley T-Shirt

2. H&M Jersey Shorts

3. True Religion Runner Jogger Pants

4. Our Legacy 50’s Great Sweatshrt

5. Lanvin Unstructured Wool Blend Blazer

6. Phlip Kimono-Sleeve Robe

7. Dockers Nap Slippers

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