5 Fashion Must-Haves for a Bad Boy OOTD
When you’re going for a modern day James Dean look, that quintessential misunderstood bad boy style, what would you wear? While the bad boy look certainly has a lot to do with your own confidence and swagger, a few key pieces can really help give you that edgy vibe.
London-based AllSaints has just the right pieces for the bad boy style- with an added sophisticated twist. Check out the 5 bad boy style must-haves below:
1. Jacket: AllSaints Griffin Leather Biker Jacket

2. Tank: AllSaints Devlin Tank

3. Slim Jeans: AllSaints Setsu Iggy Jeans

4. Belt: AllSaints Void Belt

5. Boot: AllSaints District Boot

What other accessories or substitutes would you throw in for a bad boy style OOTD? Let us know!
Love the items above? See more AllSaints men’s fashion pieces on Wantering.

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So today was the first time I was called ‘sir’ since this haircut happened. Twice. I knew it was inevitable, but come oooon. I have pretty visible..assets. At least try people.


not to mention
his angelic voice
the fact that he’s a 22 year old gay (and out) man who writes songs in a way that any person can apply the lyrics to themself
his album was inspired by unrequitted love and like damn so many of us have struggled with that for sure and that makes him more human to me and the fact that he used that experience to write beautiful music?? when will I tbh when will any of us
he’s british
his rifts are so clean and cut and they give me goosebumps every time especially when he smiles while doing them
his interviews are cute like he said he’d want to own a flowershop and live on top of it if he weren’t famous like that’s so precious
he has mentioned how he was surrounded by strong women growing up and he finds them superior to men 
his songs are great to belt out in the car
and i just want to hug him and let him sing to me before bed each night
etc etc etc